Overnight Air Freight, Nebraska & Iowa

We work with our valuable customers through TSA qualification giving us the ability to put your freight on a variety of daily commercial passenger flights.

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Overnight Air Freight, Nebraska & Iowa

Due to the limited space available for cargo on freighters and commercial aircraft, larger volumes of hot freight had to be moved on the highways to meet our customer's delivery time demands. Our business was restructured to focus on ground expedited freight.

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Overnight Air Freight, Nebraska & Iowa

We have over 90 years of experience in our office ready to help you solve shipping problems. Although the name says Air, we do all modes of expedited transportation. If you have transportation pain, we can help.

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Time Definite Logistics

Trust our expert team of experienced Logistics Specialists to handle all your Special Project, Air Freight or Ground Expedited Freight requirements. Our Mission is to work with you as a logistics partner to get what you need on time and the most cost effective service usually giving you several options.

Each shipment is routing specifically to match our services with your needs and cost. After you choose, we dispatch that shipment, monitor it every step of the way from pickup to delivery. Our priority is to get you valuable information so you can make informed decisions.

Ground Expedite
  • Inbound from anywhere in the US
  • Outbound to anywhere in the US
  • No other freight on truck- Exclusive Use
Overnight Air
  • Overnight Airfreight Service
  • Commercial Airlines and Freighter